Postbiotic Pet Food Supplement OEM & Ingredient Supplier Malaysia

Unlock a new frontier in pet wellness and nutrition with our postbiotic pet food supplement OEM solutions in Malaysia. As a prominent part of our product line, we utilize postbiotics to enhance the effectiveness of our pet food and veterinary products, aiming to elevate pet health.

With our extensive experience as pet food supplement ingredient suppliers specializing in postbiotics, we ensure supreme quality and promote good gut health in animals. Vetabonix™, a cornerstone of our offerings, delivers significant benefits to pet digestive systems, promoting overall gut health and reinforcing immune function.

As a trusted postbiotic pet food supplement OEM provider in Malaysia, we focus on manufacturing and delivering result-driven veterinary products incorporating postbiotics. Our offerings encompass pet food, health supplies, and grooming products such as shampoos. Vetabonix™ enriches the gut microbiome of pets, enhances nutrient absorption, alleviates inflammation, and more. Unlike probiotics for pet food, postbiotics require no special handling, making them ideal for pets of all ages and breeds.

The development, testing, and production of Vetabonix™ adhere to stringent quality standards and control requirements, backed by extensive research. Compared to probiotics for pets, postbiotic-infused pet food supplements avoid side-effects like gas, bloating, or bacterial overgrowth associated with live probiotics.

With its numerous advantages, Vetabonix™ presents a safe and stable ingredient for integration into veterinary products. Collaborate with us and introduce our innovative solutions into your line of pet care products today.

Suitable to be used in products under veterinary products category

Main functions:

Suitable product applications:

Pet Food

Infuse your pet's diet with the nourishing benefits of Vetabionix™ in both dry and wet pet foods, offering essential support for their digestive health and overall well-being.

Pet Health Supplies

Incorporate Vetabionix™ into pet health supplements and dental care products to bolster the immune system, support dental health, and address digestive issues in pets.

Pet Grooming

Vetabionix™ - a research-backed formulation with anti-microbial functions, perfectly suited for incorporation into pet grooming products such as shampoos, conditioners, and deodorizers.

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