Postbiotic Skincare Cosmetics OEM Manufacturer & Ingredient Supplier in Malaysia

Embark on the forefront of skincare innovation with postbiotics, revolutionizing skincare and cosmetic OEM manufacturing in Malaysia. As a leading cosmetic ingredient supplier, we integrate postbiotics into skincare formulations aimed at enhancing skin health and aesthetics.

Drawing on our extensive expertise in postbiotics skincare, we prioritize the use of these bioactive compounds to ensure exceptional product efficacy. Postbiotics contribute anti-inflammatory properties and numerous other skin benefits when incorporated into skincare formulations.

As a trusted cosmetics OEM manufacturer, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, effective skincare solutions that customers can rely on. Our flagship product, Dermabionix™, harnesses the benefits of postbiotics to strengthen the skin barrier, enhance hydration, and provide antioxidant protection suitable for all skin types and concerns.

Developed through rigorous scientific research, our postbiotic cosmetics OEM products in Malaysia adhere to the highest standards of quality. Unlike probiotics, which may cause irritation or allergic reactions, Dermabionix™ is generally well-tolerated and offers soothing, protective, and rejuvenating benefits for acne-prone, eczema-prone, and sensitive skin alike.

Dermabionix™ represents a groundbreaking advancement in the skincare industry, offering stability, safety, and potent benefits. Collaborate with us for innovative cosmetic OEM solutions in Malaysia and integrate the power of postbiotics into your skincare product line to experience their transformative advantages firsthand.

Suitable to be used in products under cosmetic & skincare products category

Main functions:

Suitable product applications:


Infuse Dermabionix™ into cosmetics like foundation, BB creams, and primer to enhance the efficacy of our makeup and skincare formulations, delivering anti-inflammatory protection to your skin.

Skin care

Dermabionix™ can be added to everyday skincare products like moisturizers, serums, and toners to nourish your skin's natural microbiome and achieve a balanced and radiant complexion.

Body care

Enhance body care products such as body lotions, creams, and shampoos by infusing them with Dermabionix™. Experience the elevated benefits for the skin and hair, as they also address concerns like dryness, sensitivity, and inflammation, leaving the body feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

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